Using Super Sets of Nine Trick for Ejaculation Control

Since guys really screw with their brains and not their penises, the more you divert your attention from what is going on in your delivery system down below, the less likely you will ejaculate prematurely.

Thus, one way to delay orgasm is to count every thrust inward, and focus your attention on the counting and not what your penis is feeling. Try to reach 100, and then start over again.

Alpha Male Style; Assertively Sexually Satisfying Her in Bed

Some men recommend stopping thrusting altogether when you sense you’re close to a climax. But I don’t advice doing this, for a simple reason. While stopping penetration can help bring down your arousal, when your woman is clearly enjoying the intercourse, it can really break the momentum and frustrate her instead.

What I suggest is this simple penetration technique that can yield tremendous staying power for you, and yet put her on a continuous sexual high at the same time.

Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it

This is what you do…

Perform eight shallow thrusts about two to three inches deep, and then one deep thrust. Follow this up with seven shallow thrusts and then two deep ones; six shallow thrusts followed by three deep ones.

You get the idea.

Continue doing this until you are performing nine deep thrusting movements. Then repeat the entire sequence again.

Why does this work so well?

First, deep thrusts are the ones that bring your penis closest to orgasm, as the frenulum (the stringy thing in the “inverted v” under the glans) and shaft skin are stretched the most, causing greater arousal. Varying shallow and deep thrusts will help taper off the stimulation on the penis glans/head. Second, the first three inches of a woman’s vagina contain the most pleasure-seeking nerves and the shallow thrusts will stimulate her really well.

I’ve recommended this technique to many men and most of them raved about it; and their women like it too

An alternating series of shallow and deep thrusting helps reduce the extreme stimulation on your penis glans during intercourse…

In fact many of the guys I worked with – who initially could only hold their ejaculation for just one minute – were able to bump it up to 5 minutes or more, just by using this technique.

Thrusting Into her Pussy | Switching Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning

Here are three other variations of this technique you could try:

1. Just penetrate the vagina with your penis 2-3 inches deep. If you just do a series of short thrusts (counting to 100 or so), you will greatly pleasure her and even hold off your orgasm.

2. From the missionary position, place a pillow under her buttocks and move your upper body to an upright position, with your arms extended on either side of her. Put your lower body weight on your knees, and make rapid, shallow thrusts into her vagina, counting to 100 if you can. This can be exhausting, but if you are counting each thrust, you have a goal to reach before you slide back down to the horizontal position above her. And while you are doing this, both of you can watch your penis as it goes in and out of her vagina, which can be highly erotic.

3. Do four shallow thrusts and then one deep one, and repeat this continually for 30 or 40 sets or so. Your girl will anticipate the deep thrust when it comes each time, and the deep thrust builds you up a little towards orgasm, then you go down a little when you do the four shallow ones, then build up a little more towards orgasm when you do the next deep one. Many couples found this to be really enjoyable. Try it.

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