Step Your Tongue Game Up

Every one is always wondering how to improve their oral sex skills. Whether its men looking to improve cat licking or women wanting to learn how to rock the mic, becoming a master at oral presentation is a major area of interest.


The tongue is the most underrated muscle in the body. It has the ability to not only help us with articulating speech, but it also helps with the breakdown of food and the creation of saliva. In providing oral pleasure, using the tongue separates the truly skilled from the mediocre, but many are unaware of just how out of shape their tongues are. Yes, I said out of shape. Just like any other muscle in the body, the tongue must be worked in order to keep it strong and in charge. In hopes of helping the masses improve oral sex in and beyond the bedroom, here are a few exercises to strengthen your tongue followed by a few tricks for men and women to wow the pants off of your partner.

Blowjob Done Right; Pleasing Your Man with Oral Sex


Tongue touch– open your mouth slightly and use the tip of your tongue to touch the corners of your mouth. Begin by touching one side and then switching to the other. Repeat this back and forth motion for a total of ten touches on each side and repeat this set three times a day. It may not feel like your tongue is doing much, but it will improve its motion and ability to be direct.

Tongue flex– this exercise can prove to be difficult for many whose tongues are weak, but practice will create a stronger and more defined tongue. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as it can go without touching the sides of your lips or your bottom row of teeth. Once your tongue is extended, fl ex it into a point as sharp as it can go and hold it for three seconds. After the three seconds are up, make your tongue wide and fl at again without touching the corners of your mouth. Hold your tongue in flat position for 3 seconds. Point and flatten your tongue for a total of 5 times, and repeat this set at least three times a day. You will feel the tension in your tongue, and it’s okay. That’s the burn you’re supposed to feel when your tongue is putting in work.

Nose to Chin-Can you touch your chin or your nose with your tongue? Attempting to do is a great workout for your tongue even if you don’t make your mark. Begin first by stretching your tongue down and trying to touch the tip of your chin. Reach for your chin five times then switch to touching the tip of your nose. The goal is to point your tongue and practice being direct with your tongue touches. Practice this set three times a day.

Now that you have a few exercises that can help you build a stronger tongue, now it’s time to learn some tongue tricks that can work for both men and women.

Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage

Tongue Tricks

Tongue flicks-use the tip of your tongue in a point to lick in rapid strokes whether on a neck, nipple, clitoris or glans (head of penis). This is a simple trick that anyone can use to turn their partner on

Flat rub-this is a trick to use that engages the full surface of the tongue to stimulate whatever part of the body is its focus. Flatten your tongue and rub it in slow strokes across the surface you want to stimulate. Focusing this motion on erogenous zones (neck, nipples, inner thighs, sides of abdomen, lips, genitals) will jump start your partner’s sexual arousal in a matter of seconds.

Tip Circles-Use the tip of your tongue to draw circles around whatever surface you’re looking to stimulate.

There are dozens of other tongue tricks and exercises to make your tongue strong and impressive. My suggested reading the two guides featured below


No sex technique says “I love you” quite the way that a blowjob does.

Some people love performing blowjobs, and some don’t. Many who don’t are not confident of their skills. In some cases, they’ve been with a lover (or lovers) who didn’t respond to their oral ministrations. Giving blowjobs is a learned skill; and you can learn it. I will show you how to take your partner someplace they have maybe never been before.

You will get so much from performing a blowjob on him, including:

  • Increased sexual confidence
  • Greater sense of your feminine power
  • And my promise to both you and your lover is this: the relationship will feel new and exciting again.

What compares to the warmth of your breath, the wet sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue?


This book is written for for anyone who want to know step-by-step how to give a woman exquisite oral pleasure with a deft tongue. It also gives excellent advice, encouragement, and helpful instruction to those who want to expand their expertise or are simply curious about the art’s finer points. This is the best guide which provides step-by-step instructions for going down on a woman, as well as accurate and up-to-date information on female sexual response.

Do you know the right way to place your first lick? The first lick sets the tone for the entire session due to a psychological principle called the “Primacy effect”

So what what are we waiting for? Lets Dive in!

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