Couples Plus+: Download all My 30 Books

Join me on Patreon to access and Download all my 30 complete ebooks in PDF and EPUB. Also my future publications would be added to that page. You will never miss out on all my new and upcoming publications too.

Below is a list of books you will get access to, Part 1- For couples, Part 2 – For women, Part 3 – For men


Affectionate sex positions Over 100 Illustrated

Erotic Massage; Building Intimacy through Pleasurable Sensations of Touch

Plus Size Considered | Positions for Having Sex a New Way Everyday

A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM: Bondage, Spanking, Flogging, Foot Worship, Sensory Deprivation & More

365 Sex Moves; Positions for Having Sex a New Way Everyday

Quickie Sex; Doing it Right When You Literally Can’t Wait

Exotic Sexual Positions Demonstrated Edition

Backdoor; An Illustrated Guide into Safe Anal Play


I am not a Starfish: A Female Step by Step Guide to Actively Participate During Sex

Blowjob Done Right; Pleasing Your Man with Oral Sex

Penis Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Him with Your Hands

Goddess of Sex; Sexually Driving Your Man Crazy

Guide for Women; How To Orgasm Every Time

Tease Ride Please; Sexually Satisfying Him


Foreplay Done Right; Getting Her Horny & Bothered

Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it

Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage

Ultimate Sexual Stamina Program | The Blueprint to Mastering Male Ejaculation Control

Female Ejaculation; Unleash the Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm

Female Pleasure 50 Creative Naughty Sex Moves to Thrill Her

Thrusting Into her Pussy | Switching Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning

Vagina Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Her with Your Hands

Getting Her Kinky; Exploring Fantasies & Games to keep Her Sexually Invested Aroused & Interested

Fingering Her; Explicitly Illustrated Techniques to do it Right

She Craves Sex:; The Correct & Practical Steps to Drive Her Wild in Bed

Eating Pussy Guide; Oral Sex Positions for Pleasuring a Woman

The Male Virgin; An Illustrated Guide For First time Sex with a Woman

Powerful Male Multi-Orgasm Masturbation Techniques

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