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On the major ebooks you want, you will get two file formats PDF & EPUB.

First off, I will agree I am biased because If you are using a smartphone,ipad,iPhone, mobile device etc  with an access to a application store I recommend you download the EPUB file. I get you, most people have hard time reading EPUB files, but not you anymore,  I will explain simple steps below and immediately give you tinny free  ebooks in EPUB format for you to test how it works before you download the major books on pages which referred you to this page. If the samples work fine then get the books of your choice I offer on this blog & read them as you read the tinny eBook samples below samples.

Here are the tinny free ebook samples, download them after you read the instructions below:
Download: How To Eat Pussy _The Right Way_ – EPUB file here


EPUB is ideal for any smartphone you have, make sure you have an Ereader app installed – personally I use a free version FBReader, just go to your application store and install it – it is free

– For Android devices, you can choose the stable version or beta of the upcoming new release. The app is available on Google Play, on Huawei AppGallery, and directly from their site:

– FBReader for iPhone and iPad is downloadable on the AppStore.

– Version for Linux is available for the public via the Snap Store.

– Windows app is published on the Microsoft Store.

– FBReader for Mac is installable from the Mac App Store.

– FBreader app also has a tiny plugin called FBreader Bookshelf, download it. So that next time you want to read just open “bookshelf” and all your books will be listed here beautifully. You can add custom shelves, browse books by date of adding, edit recently opened books list, etc.

The steps

– download the EPUB book files or copy the book files (preferably create & name a folder – eBooks) to each smartphone device which you already installed the FBreader app and open the EPUB through the app ).

Option 1: If you installed the FBreader Bookshelf plugin, just open it and you will see all your books in a bookshelf, click the one you want to open and read.

Option 2: If you did not install the FBreader Bookshelf plugin, open FB reader app and go to “File tree” > storage > “name of folder with downloaded ebook files”

All your downloaded books will be listed here, click the one you want to open and read

Advantages of EPUB files

1. Reflowable text 

When you open a PDF document on a small screen device, you would have to zoom, pan and pinch in order to read the document. That doesn’t sound like a comfortable reading experience, does it? The users need something which they can sit back, relax and read, without having to fidget with the screen very often.

EPUBs change shape according to the device you read it on. It doesn’t matter if you are reading your book from a tablet or a phone etc; it will always be displayed correctly and content fits smoothly around the screen. The page breaks depend on the size of the screen. The content on the page rearranges and realigns itself such that you can have a good reading experience. Meaning the text arranges itself automatically according to the screen size of your reading device.

2. automatic bookmarking

After a reading session you do not need to bookmark the last page you were reading, next time you open the book it will automatically start off from the same page you had reached.


PDF is ideal for your personal computer, but you can also read it on your smartphone any eBook reader app but if your screen is small text won’t re-flow (adjusting to screen size) like EPUB files, this is why PDF is ideal only for big screens like computer and laptops, or in the event that you want to print it. By the way all my  PDFs are already optimized for printing, they are the same files I use on Lulu store use for  POD (Print On Demand ) of  hard copies.

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